Planning for Enterprise Identity Mapping

Before you setup EIM you should develop an Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) implementation plan to ensure that you successfully configure EIM for an IBM® i environment or in a mixed platform environment.

An implementation plan is essential to successfully configuring and using Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) in your enterprise. To develop your plan, you need to collect data about the systems, applications, and users that will use EIM. You will use the information you gather to make decisions about how to best configure EIM for your enterprise.

Because EIM is an IBM eServer™ infrastructure technology available for all IBM platforms, how you plan your implementation depends on what platforms are in your enterprise. Although there are a number of planning activities that are specific to each platform, many EIM planning activities apply to all IBM platforms. You should work through the common EIM planning activities to create your overall implementation plan. To learn more about how to plan your EIM implementation, review these pages: