Batch Model

The Batch Model tool models the system utilization and run times of IBM® i batch workloads.

You can use the Batch Model tool to help analyze and predict batch job performance on the IBM i and help answer the question: “What can I do to my system to meet my overnight batch runtime requirements (also known as the batch window)?”

A Batch Model collection is created based on existing performance data that is collected by IBM i Collection Services. A Batch Model collection can then be changed and analyzed for various “what if” scenarios, such as workload growth and hardware upgrades.

Investigate the results of Batch Model to view the batch window in a form that shows workload start/stop times, dependencies between workloads, and amount of resources used. View the Batch Model perspectives to locate times in the batch window when more efficient job scheduling can improve total system throughput.

The Batch Model functions and content package require the installation of IBM Performance Tools for i (5770-PT1) Option 1 - Manager Feature.