Starting a batch job

This topic includes a description of the security activity performed when a batch job is started.

Because several methods exist for submitting batch jobs and for specifying the objects used by the job, this is only a guideline. This example uses a job submitted from an interactive job using the submit job (SBMJOB) command.

When you enter the SBMJOB command, this checking is performed before the job is added to the job queue:
  1. If you specify a user profile on the SBMJOB command, you must have *USE authority to the user profile.
  2. Authority is checked for objects specified as parameters on the SBMJOB command and in the job description. Authority is checked for the user profile the job will run under.
  3. If the security level is 40 or 50 and the SBMJOB command specifies USER(*JOBD), the user submitting the job must have *USE authority to the user profile in the job description.
  4. If an object does not exist or if authority is not adequate, a message is sent to the user and the job is not submitted.

When the system selects the job from the job queue and attempts to start the job, the authority checking sequence is similar to the sequence for starting an interactive job.