Default system values for national language versions

Jobs and functions on the IBM® i operating system use system values as default values.

The values for each national language version are listed by keyword. These are the values you see when you display the CPX8416 message for a particular language library. The tables contain Internet values that are needed to configure a Web browser for a specific language. The Internet values are also listed by keyword.

Values that are provided in the tables

Keyword Description
QCCSID Character set identifier. This is the recommended QCCSID value if you want to use CDRA support. For all national language versions (NLVs), the default QCCSID value is 65535 unless otherwise indicated.
QCHRID Character set and code page
QCNTRYID Country or region identifier
QCURSYM Currency symbol. The values given are accurate; however, the system supports only 1 character in that return field.
QDATFMT Date format
QDATSEP Date separator
QDECFMT Decimal format
QIGC DBCS version indicator
QKBDTYPE Keyboard type
QLANGID Language identifier
QLEAPADJ Leap year adjustment
QLOCALE Locale. On newly-installed systems, the system sets the QLOCALE system value to a default locale based on the primary NLV that is installed. For example, the value will be set to /QSYS.LIB/DA_DK.LOCALE if you install the 2926 NLV.
QSRTSEQ Sort sequence
QTIMSEP Time separator
Internet CCSID Client character set environment.
Client encoding nomenclature NLTC (National Language Technical Center) value and Document Encoding. Client encoding nomenclature provides a guideline for configuring a client for a specific language and setting up your internet Web browser.