Creating an EIM identifier

To create an EIM identifier, you must be connected to the Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) domain in which you want to work and you must have EIM access control as either Identifier administrator or EIM administrator.

To create an EIM identifier for a person or entity in your enterprise, complete these steps:

  1. From IBM® Navigator for i, expand Security > Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM).
  2. Click Domain Management.
    • If you are not currently connected to the EIM domain controller, a Connect to EIM Domain Controller dialog box is displayed. Enter the connection information to use for the connection to the EIM domain controller. Click OK
  3. Right-click the EIM domain in which you want to work and select Open.
  4. Right-click Identifiers, and select Open.
  5. On the Domain Management page, click the Actions menu and select New Identifier.
  6. In the New EIM Identifier dialog box, provide information about the EIM identifier, as follows:
    1. A name for the identifier.
    2. Whether to have the system generate a unique name, if necessary.
    3. A description of the identifier.
    4. One or more aliases for the identifier, if necessary.
  7. Click OK to create the EIM identifier.