DS8000 HyperSwap IASP with FlashCopy

In addition to integrating HyperSwap® with PowerHA® logical unit (LUN) level switching, HyperSwap can also be integrated with the PowerHA FlashCopy® technology.

The following rules apply to a configuration that has both HyperSwap and FlashCopy
  1. A FlashCopy source can be a HyperSwap IASP (as identified by two storage hosts and LUN ranges that are defined in the source copy description).
  2. A FlashCopy target cannot be a HyperSwap IASP. It might have only one storage host and LUN range defined in the target copy description.

Depending on which storage server is currently the primary DS8000® in the HyperSwap relationship, the FlashCopy target might be in the secondary DS8000. In this case, the FlashCopy target gets the data, which is in the target DS8000. If the HyperSwap relationship is not active, then the FlashCopy is stale data as well.