IBM Navigator for i Monitors

IBM® Navigator for i monitors track current information about the performance of your system. Additionally, you can use them to carry out predefined actions when a specific event occurs. Monitors continue to monitor and perform any threshold commands or actions you specified until you stop the monitor.

IBM Navigator for i provides the following types of monitors:

System monitor
Collect and display performance data as it happens. System monitors use Collection Services data to track the elements of system performance of specific interest to you. Detailed graphs help you visualize what is going on with your system as it happens. Choose from various metrics (performance measurements) to pinpoint specific aspects of system performance.
Message monitor
Find out whether your application completes successfully or monitor for specific messages that are critical to your business needs. You can see the details of a message, reply to a message, send a message, delete a message, and view or change the properties of a message.

Management Central Monitors (7.1)
If you are still using the System i® Navigator client, you can find out more information about Management Central monitors at the link above. Release 7.1 was the final release of System i Navigator.