BRMS with Cloud Storage Solutions for i concepts

Learn about unique terms and concepts for BRMS and IBM® Cloud Storage Solutions for i

Some terms referred to in BRMS documentation have particular definitions when used in conjunction with IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i environments.

In this chapter, the following terms are defined:
Cloud resource
A cloud storage resource created with IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i . IBM Cloud Storage Solutions commands or APIs are used to create, display and change cloud resources. Information about creating cloud resources for different cloud service providers is located in the IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i V1.2.0 User's Guide.
Cloud location and storage location
A BRMS storage location that is associated with a Cloud Storage Solutions for i cloud resource. BRMS uses storage locations to indicate where backup media is located, including cloud-based storage. BRMS creates a storage location for each cloud resource on the system using the same name. When BRMS moves virtual media to a cloud storage location, the media is transferred to the cloud. Likewise, whenever media is transferred from a cloud storage location, a copy of the media moves back to the system into location *HOME.
In BRMS with IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i topics, the media referenced is virtual media stored in an image catalog. Either virtual tape or virtual optical media can be used.
Movement (or move) specifies that the media changes from one BRMS storage location to another. This is a logical movement, reflected only in the BRMS database; the media itself may not have changed its physical location.
Media transfer indicates that the media changed position from an IBM i storage location to cloud storage associated with a cloud resource. Within cloud backup procedures, BRMS media movement to and from a cloud location causes the media to transfer physically to or from that cloud resource.