Defining HyperSwap Affinity

By using DS8000® HyperSwap® combined with logical unit (LUN) level switching and or PowerVM® Live Partition Mobility, it is possible to define which IBM® i systems should use which IBM System Storage® DS8000 as their primary. Upon accomplishing a live partition mobility switch or a LUN switching CRG switch, if the partition is no longer running on the preferred IBM System Storage unit, a HyperSwap switchover to the secondary IBM System Storage unit is done as part of the switching process.

To define which DS8000 unit can be used with which IBM i systems, HA configuration descriptions are used. The Add HA Configuration Description (ADDHACFGD) command can be used to define an affinity relationship between the serial number of the server that is hosting the IBM i partition and the IBM System Storage unit identifier of the DS8000 storage server.