IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i interfaces

IBM® PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i, licensed program number (5770-HAS), is an end-to-end high availability offering. When combined with independent auxiliary storage pools (iASPs) and HA Switchable Resources (HASR - Option 41), it enables a complete solution to be deployed via IBM System Storage® server or internal disk. PowerHA provides several interfaces to configure and manage high availability solutions and technology.

For more information on the storage technologies that are provided by IBM i, see PowerHA supported storage servers.

The IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i licensed program provides a graphical interface that allows you to configure and manage a high availability solution. This product also provides corresponding commands and APIs for functions that are related to high availability technologies. With this licensed program, high availability administrators can create and manage a high availability solution to meet their business needs, using interfaces that fit their skills and preferences. You can also work with multiple interfaces interchangeably, using graphical interfaces for some tasks and commands and APIs for others.

The IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i licensed program provides the following interfaces:

PowerHA graphical interface
This graphical interface allows you to easily configure, monitor, and manage your High Availability solution. For customers upgrading from a release prior to 7.2, it combines the simplicity of the High Availability Solutions Manager graphical interface with the flexibility of the Cluster Resource Services graphical interface in a single graphical interface.
PowerHA commands
These commands allow you to configure and manage your high availability solution via a command-line interface.
PowerHA APIs
These APIs allow you to work with PowerHA version, and retrieve PowerHA related information.