Creating cluster resource groups (CRGs)

Cluster resource groups (CRGs) manage high availability resources, such as applications, data, and devices. Each CRG type manages the particular type of resource in a high-availability environment.

The PowerHA® graphical interface allows you to create different CRGs for management of your high availability resources. Each CRG type can be used separately or in conjunction with other CRGs. For example, you may have a stand-alone business application that requires high availability. After you have enabled the application for high availability, you can create CRGs to help manage availability for that application.

If you want only an application, not its data to be available in the event of an outage, you can create an application CRG. However, if you want to have both the data and application available, you can store both within an independent disk pool, which you can define in a device CRG. If an outage occurs, the entire independent disk pool is switched to a backup node, making both the application and its data available.