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The HTTP_DELETE_VERBOSE table function deletes a text-based resource from the specified URL through an HTTP DELETE request. It returns a one row table that contains the normal HTTP response for the request and the header information returned from the HTTP request.

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramHTTP_DELETE_VERBOSE(url ,options)
An expression that returns a built-in character string or graphic string data type that specifies the URL of the resource being accessed.
The only supported protocols in the URL are http:// and https://. HTTP basic authentication in the form https://userid:password@ cannot be specified in the URL. Instead, the basicAuth option must be used to specify the userid and password for basic authentication.
An expression that returns a built-in character string or graphic string data type. This string must be formatted as a JSON object containing the options, including headers, for the request. See HTTP options for the list of options.
If no options are provided, the default options are used.

The result of the function is table containing a single row with the format shown in the following table.

Table 1. HTTP_DELETE_VERBOSE result table
Column name Data type Description
RESPONSE_MESSAGE CLOB(2G) CCSID 1208 The HTTP response for the request.
RESPONSE_HTTP_HEADER CLOB(2G) CCSID 1208 Header information returned from the HTTP request, formatted as a JSON object.


For more information about using the HTTP functions see HTTP functions overview.


  • Send a HTTP DELETE request to using the certificate store /home/javaTrustStore/fromJava.KDB. Return the result and header information.
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