User Options

The User options field allows you to customize certain system displays and functions for the user. You can specify multiple values for the user option parameter.

Add User prompt:
Not shown
CL parameter:
240 (10 characters each)
Table 1. Possible values for USROPT:
Value Description
*NONE No special options are used for this user. The standard system interface is used.
*CLKWD Keywords are shown instead of the possible parameter values when a control language (CL) command is prompted. This is equivalent to pressing F11 from the normal control language (CL) command prompting display.
*EXPERT When the user views displays that show object authority, such as the Edit Object Authority display or the Edit Authorization List display, detailed authority information is shown without the user having to press F11 (Display detail). Authority displays shows an example of the expert version of the display.
*HLPFULL The user sees full display help information instead of a window.
*PRTMSG A message is sent to the user’s message queue when a spooled file is printed for this user.
*ROLLKEY The actions of the Page Up and Page Down keys are reversed.
*NOSTSMSG Status messages typically shown at the bottom of the display are not shown to the user.
*STSMSG Status messages are displayed when sent to the user.