User class

User class is used to control what menu options are shown to the user on IBM® i menus. This helps control user access to some system functions.

Add User prompt:
Type of User
CL parameter:

This does not necessarily limit the use of commands. The Limit capabilities field controls whether the user can enter commands. User class may not affect what options are shown on menus provided by other licensed programs.

If no special authorities are specified when a user profile is created, the user class and the security level (QSECURITY) system value are used to determine the special authorities for the user.

Possible values for USRCLS: Table 1 shows the possible user classes and what the default special authorities are for each user class. The entries indicate that the authority is given at security levels 10 and 20 only, at all security levels, or not at all.

The default value for user class is *USER.

Table 1. Default special authorities by user class
Special authority User classes
*ALLOBJ All 10 or 20 10 or 20 10 or 20 10 or 20
*SECADM All All      
*JOBCTL All 10 or 20 10 or 20 All  
*SPLCTL All        
*SAVSYS All 10 or 20 10 or 20 All 10 or 20
*SERVICE All        
*AUDIT All        
*IOSYSCFG All        

Recommendations: Most users do not need to perform system functions. Set the user class to *USER, unless a user specifically needs to use system functions.