Output queue

Both interactive and batch processing can result in spooled files that are to be sent to a printer. Spooled files are placed on an output queue. The system can have many different output queues.

Add User prompt:
Not shown
CL parameter:
10 (output queue name) 10 (library name)
*USE for output queue *EXECUTE for library

An output queue does not need to be attached to a printer to receive new spooled files.

The print device and output queue information from the user profile are used only if the printer file specifies *JOB and the job description specifies *USRPRF. For more information about directing printer output, see the Advanced Function Presentation topic.

Table 1. Possible values for OUTQ:
Value Description
*WRKSTN The output queue assigned to the user’s workstation (in the device description) is used.
*DEV An output queue with the same name as the print device specified on the PRTDEV parameter is used.
output- queue- name Specify the name of the output queue that is to be used. The output queue must already exist. If an output queue is specified, the library must be specified also.
Table 2. Possible values for OUTQ library:
Value Description
*LIBL The library list is used to locate the output queue.
*CURLIB The current library for the job is used to locate the output queue. If no current library entry exists in the library list, QGPL is used.
library- name Specify the library where the output queue is located.