Initial menu

You can specify the name of a menu to be shown when the user signs on. The initial menu is displayed after the user’s initial program runs. The initial menu is called only if the user’s routing program is QCMD or QCL.

Add User prompt:
First menu
CL parameter:
10 (menu name) 10 (library name)
*USE for menu *EXECUTE for library

If you want the user to run only the initial program, you can specify *SIGNOFF for the initial menu.

If the Limit capabilities field in the user’s profile is *YES, the user cannot specify a different initial menu on the Sign On display. If a user is allowed to specify an initial menu on the Sign On display, the menu specified overrides the menu in the user profile.

Table 1. Possible values for MENU:
Value Description
MAIN The IBM® i Main Menu is shown.
*SIGNOFF The system signs off the user when the initial program completes. Use this to limit users to running a single program.
menu-name The name of the menu that is called when the user signs on.
Table 2. Possible values for MENU library:
Value Description
*LIBL The library list is used to locate the menu. If the initial program adds entries to the library list, those entries are included in the search, because the menu is called after the initial program has completed.
*CURLIB The current library for the job is used to locate the menu. If no current library entry exists in the library list, QGPL is used.
library-name The library where the menu is located.