Group identification number

The integrated file system uses the group identification number (gid) to identify this profile as a group profile. A profile that is used as a group profile must have a gid.

Add User prompt:
Not shown
CL parameter:
Table 1. Possible values for GID:
Value Description
*NONE This profile does not have a gid. This value must be specified if the user profile is a member of a group (GRPPRF is not *NONE).
*GEN The system generates a unique gid for this profile. The generated gid will be greater than 100.
gid A value from 1 to 4294967294 to be assigned as the gid for this profile. The gid must not be already assigned to another profile.

Recommendations: For most installations, let the system generate a gid for new group profiles by specifying GID(*GEN). However, if your system is part of a network, you might need to assign gids to match those assigned on other systems in the network. Consult your network administrator.

Do not assign a gid to a user profile that you do not plan to use as a group profile. In some environments, a user who is signed on and has a gid is restricted from performing certain functions.