Group authority type

When a user creates a new object, the Group authority type parameter in the user’s profile determines what type of authority the user’s group receives to the new object.

Add User prompt:
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CL parameter:

The GRPAUTTYP parameter works with the OWNER, GRPPRF, and GRPAUT parameters to determine the group’s authority to a new object.

When the GRPAUTTYP value is changed, the change takes effect the next time the user signs on or the next time a job swaps to the user profile using a profile handle or profile token obtained after the change has occurred.

Table 1. Possible values for GRPAUTTYP: 1
Value Description
*PRIVATE The authority defined in the GRPAUT parameter is assigned to the group profile as a private authority.
*PGP The group profile defined in the GRPPRF parameter is the primary group for the newly created object. The primary group authority for the object is the authority specified in the GRPAUT parameter. This value can be specified only when GRPAUT is not *NONE.
Private authority and primary group authority provide the same access to the object for members of the group, but they might have different performance characteristics. Primary group for an object explains how primary group authority works.

Recommendations: Specifying *PGP is a method for beginning to use primary group authority. Consider using GRPAUTTYP(*PGP) for users who frequently create new objects that must be accessed by members of the group profile.