Accounting code

Specifying the accounting code allows you to gather information about the system resources used by a job.

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CL parameter:

Job accounting is an optional function used to gather information about the use of system resources. The accounting level (QACGLVL) system value determines whether job accounting is active. The accounting code for a job comes from either the job description or the user profile. The accounting code can also be specified when a job is running using the Change Accounting Code (CHGACGCDE) command.

When the accounting code value is changed, the change takes effect the next time the user signs on or the next time a job, which runs using the user profile's accounting code value, is started.

See the Work management topic for more information about job accounting.

Table 1. Possible values for ACGCDE:
Value Description
*BLANK An accounting code of 15 blanks is assigned to this user profile.
accounting-code Specify a 15-character accounting code. If less than 15 characters are specified, the string is padded with blanks on the right.