Displaying the Contents of a Table

Using EVAL on a table will result in a display of the current table element. You can display the whole table using the range notation. For example, to display a 3-element table, type:
EVAL TableA(1..3)
You can change the current element using the %INDEX built-in function. To determine the value of the table index, enter the following command:
where name represents the table name in question.

Figure 1 shows the use of EVAL with the table in DBGEX.

Figure 1. Sample EVAL commands for a Table
                                          3    DIM(3) CTDATA
                                          Compile-time data:  **
> EVAL TableA            ** Show value at                     aaa
  TABLEA = 'aaa'            current index                     bbb
> EVAL TableA(1)         ** Specify index 1 **
  TABLEA(1) = 'aaa'
> EVAL TableA(2)         ** Specify index 2 **
  TABLEA(2) = 'bbb'
> EVAL _QRNU_TABI_TableA ** Display value of current index **
> EVAL TableA(1..3)      ** Specify the whole table **
  TABLEA(1) = 'aaa'
  TABLEA(2) = 'bbb'
  TABLEA(3) = 'ccc'
> EVAL TableA=%INDEX(3)  ** Change current index to 3 **
> EVAL TableA
  TABLEA = 'ccc'