Ethernet Layer-2 Bridging

Using layer-2 bridging, one Ethernet port in an IBM® i partition can provide network access for other logical partitions on the same platform. Layer-2 bridging functions similar to the Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) support provided by a Power Systems Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) partition.

Layer-2 bridging works by putting one physical and one virtual Ethernet adapter into a mode where they can receive traffic that is not destined for their address. This traffic is selectively sent onto the other network according to the IEEE 802.1D standard, known as, "bridging" the frames. Frames transmitted by virtual Ethernet adapters on the same VLAN as the bridging virtual Ethernet adapter can be sent to the physical network. Frames sent from the physical network can be received by adapters on the virtual network.

Configuration of layer-2 bridging across multiple partitions.