Partitioned cluster administrative domains

Consider the following information when working with partitioned cluster administrative domains.

If a cluster administrative domain is partitioned, changes continue to be synchronized among the active nodes in each partition. When the nodes are merged back together again, the cluster administrative domain propagates all changes made in every partition so that the resources are consistent within the active domain. There are several considerations regarding the merge processing for a cluster administrative domain:
  • If all partitions were active and changes were made to the same resource in different partitions, the most recent change is applied to resource on all nodes during the merge. The most recent change is determined by using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from each node where a change initiated.
  • If all partitions were inactive, the global values for each resource are resolved based on the last change made while any partition was active. The actual application of these changes to the monitored resources does not happen until the peer CRG that represents the cluster administrative domain is started.
  • If some partitions were active and some were inactive prior to the merge, the global values representing changes made in the active partitions are propagated to the inactive partitions. The inactive partitions are then started, causing any pending changes made on the nodes in the inactive partitions to propagate to the merged domain.