Selecting attributes to monitor

After you have added monitored resource entries, you can select attributes associated with that resource to be monitored by the cluster administrative domain.

To select attributes to monitor for a monitored resource entry (MRE), follow these steps:
  1. In a Web browser, enter http://mysystem:2001, where mysystem is the host name of the system.
  2. Log on to the system with your user profile and password.
  3. Click PowerHA from the IBM® Navigator for i window.
  4. On the PowerHA page, click on Cluster Administrative Domains.
  5. On the Cluster Administrative Domains page, select Monitored Resource ... from the context menu of the cluster administrative domain to which you want to add the monitored resource.
  6. In the list of monitored resource types, click the context icon next to the monitored resource type, and select Monitored Resource Entries.... The MRE object list is shown.
  7. Click the context icon next to the MRE object, such as user profile or system value, and select Work with Attributes. The MRE Attributes List is shown.
  8. In the MRE Attribute List window, select the attributes that you want to monitor, and then click Close. For example, if you want to monitor Ethernet line description for changes to its resource name attribute, you would select resource name as the attribute.