Changing a SVC copy description

Make modifications to an SVC copy description using the Change SVC Copy Description (CHGSVCCPYD) command

The Change SVC Copy Description (CHGSVCCPYD) command displays the Change Copy Description panel. Here you can make changes to the SVC copy description to reflect changes to the PowerHA environment.

A common use of the CHGSVCCPYD is to update the disk units of the IASP. When users add or remove disk units, the copy description needs to be updated to reflect the change for the copy session to work.

The Change ASP SVC Copy description screen can be accessed by using:
  • the Work with Cluster (WRKCLU) command menu. Select option 10, Work with ASP copy descriptions and use option 2, Change copy to go to the Change Copy description screen.
  • entering the WRKSVCCPYD command that opens the Work with ASP Copy Descriptions screen. Locate the copy description and use option 2, Change copy to open the Change Copy description screen for the selected SVC copy description.
  • typing the CHGSVCCPYD command and pressing F4.

To access the Change SVC copy description screen with the (CHGSVCCPYD) command do the following:

  1. Type CHGSVCCPYD in the command line and press Enter.
  2. The Change SVC Copy Description screen opens. Type in the name of the copy description to change and press Enter to show the copy description.
  3. Locate the fields that require changes.
  4. Make the changes to the fields and press Enter.
    You will be returned to your previous page.

To verify that the changes to the copy description, use the DSPSVCCPYD command or select option 5 on the Work with ASP copy descriptions menu page.

For details about the CHGSVCCPYD command and specific fields, consult the F1 Help or visit the CHGSVCCPYD page.