TLS protocols

The TLS protocols application definition field determines which TLS protocol versions are supported by the application.

The default value is *PGM, which means the program that uses this "application ID" sets the TLS protocol attribute to the appropriate value. All System TLS programs have a protocol attribute value that is set explicitly through an API call, or implicitly by allowing the system default to be used. Use *PGM unless it is known that the required attribute value is not set by the program.

If *PGM does not result in the appropriate protocols, this application definition field can override the protocols that are supported by this application. If at least one of the protocols that are identified here are enabled on the system by the QSSLPCL system value, protocols that are not enabled on the system are silently ignored. Where possible, follow the configuration steps that are included in the application documentation to set the protocols instead of using the application definition field. An administrator can configure weaker security properties for an IBM® application than was previously possible by using this field.