Assigning a certificate to applications

Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) allows you to assign a certificate quickly and easily to multiple applications. You can assign a certificate to multiple applications in the *SYSTEM or *OBJECTSIGNING certificate stores only.

To make a certificate assignment for one or more applications, follow these steps:

  1. Start DCM. Refer to Starting DCM.
  2. In the navigation frame, click Select a Certificate Store and select either *OBJECTSIGNING or *SYSTEM as the certificate store to open.
    Note: If you have questions about how to complete a specific form while using DCM, select the question mark (?) at the top of the page to access the online help.
  3. Enter the password for the certificate store and click Continue.
  4. After the navigation frame refreshes, select Manage Certificates to display a list of tasks.
  5. From the list of tasks, select Assign certificate to display a list of certificates for the current certificate store.
  6. Select a certificate from the list and click Assign to Applications to display a list of application definitions for the current certificate store.
  7. Select one or more applications from the list. If you want to replace the current certificate assignment with this certificate, click Replace. If no certificates are currently assigned, click Replace to assign this certificate. If you want to add this certificate to the list of certificates that are already assigned, click Append. A page displays with either a confirmation message for your assignment selection or an error message if a problem occurred.