IBM Navigator for i

IBM® Navigator for i is a Web console interface where you can perform the key tasks to administer your IBM i. IBM Navigator for i supports the vast majority of tasks that were available in the System i® Navigator Windows client application. Nothing needs to be installed on your workstation to use IBM Navigator for i. This Web application is part of the base IBM i operating system, and can be easily accessed by simply pointing your browser to http://systemName:2001.

The IBM Navigator for i console contains the following task categories for IBM i management. These categories are similar to those that you see within the System i Navigator client application.

  • Target systems and groups (Target systems, System groups)
  • Favorites (Your personal favorites are shown here)
  • System (System status, System operator messages, History log, Search, Disk status, 5250 Emulation, Change password, image linkApplication Administration,image link and more.)
  • Monitors (System monitors, Message monitors)
  • Basic operations (Messages, Printers, Printer output, and more.)
  • Work management (Active jobs, Server jobs, Output queues, Active subsystems, and more.)
  • Configuration and service (System values, Time management, Disk units, Disk pools, Software,Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs), Partition management, and more.)
  • Network (TCP/IP configuration, Servers, Remote Access Services, IP Policies, Enterprise Identity Mapping(EIM), and more.)
  • Integrated server administration (Virtual storage, Servers, Domains, and more.)
  • Security (Authorization lists, Cryptographic services key management, Intrusion detection, and more.)
  • Users and groups (Users, Create users, Manage Authority Collection for a user, Groups, and more.)
  • Databases (Performance monitors, Health center, Databases, and more.)
  • Journal management (Journals, Create a journal, Manage journals, and more.)
  • Performance (Investigate data and collections, and more.)
  • File systems (Integrated file system, File shares, Create file share, Edit files, Download and upload files, and more.)
  • Internet configurations (IBM Web Administration for i, Digital certificate manager, IBM IPP Server for i, and more.)
  • PowerHA® (Configure and manage existing or customized high availability environments; replaces Cluster resource services and High Availability Solutions Manager)
    Note: requires PowerHA licensed product
  • Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (Allows you to implement a fully automated backup, recovery, and media management strategy for your System i product )
    Note: requires Backup, Recovery, and Media Services licensed product
Current Browser Support for IBM Navigator for i:
  • Mozilla Firefox 20 or newer (recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Google Chrome 25 or higher

This information is intended to help you start using the Web-based console, IBM Navigator for i, by providing you with tips on how to work with the interface.