Configuring the Cryptographic Coprocessor for use with IBM i applications

This topic lists the steps needed to make Cryptographic Coprocessors ready for use with an IBM i application.

Using the Cryptographic Coprocessor for IBM i applications

To install the Cryptographic Coprocessor and prerequisite software, you must do the following:

  • Install the Coprocessor in your system.

    Install your Cryptographic Coprocessor, as instructed in the instructions that are shipped with your Cryptographic Coprocessor.

  • Install IBM i Option 35 CCA CSP and install 5733-CY3 Cryptographic Device Manager.
  • Set IBM i object authorities for secure access.
  • Use your web browser to go to the IBM i Tasks page found by clicking on the IBM i Tasks page link on the IBM Navigator for i welcome page at http://server-name:2001.
  • Configure the Coprocessor.
  • Write your application to use the Cryptographic Coprocessor.
Note: If you plan to use multiple cards for your IBM i applications, see Managing multiple Cryptographic Coprocessors.