Ending a cluster resource group (CRG) container

Steps and considerations for stopping a cluster resource group container

Refer tp the topics Configuring a Cluster Resource Group container and Create a cluster resource group (CRG) container for the information about the setup of the cluster,CRGs and CRG container used in the example steps. Here, across two sites, the cluster has a CRG container, HACNR, that contains the device and data CRGs.

Like cluster resource groups (CRGs), CRG containers with Active status can be ended. Running the End CRG Container (ENDCRGCNR) command sets the CRG container status to Inactive. In this state, the CRG container cannot provide any switchover or failover security. In addition, the ENDCRGCNR command disables resiliency for all managed CRGs in the container.

To run the End CRG container (ENDCRGCNR) command and end a CRG container successfully, the cluster and container must meet these requirements:
  • the cluster node must have a status of Active within the cluster.
  • the ENDCRGCNR command cannot be called from an exit program..
  • the CRG container status cannot be Inactive.
For example, the CRG container HACNR is currently has the Active and managing the CRGs it contains. It is ready to end, if required.

To end the CRG container do the following:

  1. At the command line type in ENDCRGCNR and press Enter.
  2. On the End CRG Container (ENDCRGCNR) command screen, type in the name of the CRG container to end in the Container field.
    Here, HACNR is typed into the field.
  3. Press Enter to end the CRG container.
The CRG container ends and the message, The ENDCRGCNR command completed successfully. The status of the CRG container and its managed CRGs is Inactive. Resources in the managed CRGs are no longer resilient.

Another method of ending the CRG container is through the Work with Cluster (WRKCLU) command screen > 9. Work with Cluster Resource Groups > option 9 = End, to open the End CRG Container screen. Follow the steps above from this point to end the CRG container.

To verify that the CRG container has been changed to Inactive status, use the Display CRG Information (DSPCRGINF) command to view the status.