Job queues and job schedule entries

Db2® Mirror includes partial support for replicating Job Queues (*JOBQ). When a job queue is replicated, the structural elements of the job queue are established and kept in sync, but the job queue entries are not replicated. If a job needs to be submitted or scheduled to run on both nodes, the user must submit or schedule the job on both nodes.

Start of changeTo track job queue entries in a Db2 Mirror environment, the Submitted Job Tracker feature can be used. After a job queue has been registered, any jobs subsequently submitted to that job queue are tracked in a job tracking file. In a Db2 Mirror environment, the job tracking files are automatically replicated between the primary and secondary nodes. The information stored in the job tracking file can be used to resubmit a job on the original node where the job was tracked or another node. For more information, see Managing the Submitted Job Tracker.End of change