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Adding and removing data queue entries

Data queue entries can be added and removed from either node in an active/active environment. However, active/passive may be preferred since applications might not be prepared to use the same named data queue from both nodes simultaneously. Applications that use data queues should be examined before replicating the data entries to ensure that the application will function properly and not interfere with jobs or threads running on the other node.

Data queue entries are replicated when using the Send Data Queue (QSNDDTAQ), Receive Data Queue (QRCVDTAQ), and Clear Data Queue (QCLRDTAQ) APIs, and the corresponding IBM® i services QSYS2.SEND_DATA_QUEUE, QSYS2.RECEIVE_DATA_QUEUE, and QSYS2.CLEAR_DATA_QUEUE.

Updates made directly to a data queue using the Enqueue (ENQ) or Dequeue (DEQ) MI instructions are not replicated and should be replaced by either the APIs or IBM i services listed above.

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