Node information

Define the setup source node and setup copy node for your Db2® Mirror pair.

The GUI will attempt to populate the node information for you if the node is active. The GUI will use the LPAR name and the user name and password of the user currently signed in to the GUI to access the setup source and setup copy nodes. If the GUI fails to retrieve the system information for the setup source node, a dialog box will be shown.

Figure 1. Specify Accessible Host name or correct user name and password
Specify Accessible Host name or correct user name and password

This error can occur when the LPAR name selected in the HMC is not part of the system host name. In order to proceed, the system host name and a valid user name need to be specified. Additionally, the host servers might not be running and will need to be started. Enter the requested information.

For the Node Information tab, the details are retrieved from the setup source and setup copy nodes if possible. The setup source node is required to be up and running. If the setup copy node is up and running, the details are retrieved; otherwise, you must enter the values manually.

Figure 2. Node Information Tab
Node Information Tab

Review and update the information as needed. After you specify the node information, click Next to verify the prerequisites and the setup source node Db2 Mirror status.

If prerequisites are not met on the setup source node or GUI system, the following dialog box is shown. See Software requirements for prerequisite information.

Figure 3. Prerequisite failure dialog
Prerequisite failure dialog

If you are following these steps for a reclone operation and the setup source node has already been configured in a Db2 Mirror pair, you will see the Reconfigure Db2 Mirror dialog box. For more information on re-configuring Db2 Mirror, see Reclone using the GUI Interface.

Before going to the next tab, the GUI will add this new source-copy pair to the list of Db2 Mirror pairs along with the current configuring state. It will also set this pair as the current managed pair.

If you exit the wizard, you can re-enter the wizard with the data saved from Setup Db2 Mirror. This can be done through left navigation when this pair is selected, or from the dashboard tray when this pair is not selected.

Figure 4. Dashboard tray with partially configured systems
Dashboard tray with partially configured systems