Term mapping

To effectively map terms, you need to understand the following concepts.

Actor, action, and resource terms can be mapped to resources on the system. Actor terms can be mapped to user and group profiles. Actions can be defined in terms of the privileges on objects. Resources can be mapped to files, directories, tables, or other resources. Secure Perspective will change the security settings of any system object mapped to a resource to be in compliance with the policy.

Secure Perspective version 1 release 2 includes object filters. When mapping objects in System i®, the wildcard system object filter allows you to map a term to a set of system resources that have a common naming convention. For instance, you can map the term accountants to a filter on the directory /acct_info/directory. In this example, all the files in /acct_info/directory with the first 4 characters acct are mapped to the accountant term even if the files were created after the filter was mapped.

You can edit term mappings, use mapping accelerators, or view a mapping summary for each individual system.