Policy actions

To effectively perform policy actions, you need to understand the following concepts.

Several policy actions are available: apply policy, check policy compliance, and problem prediction. Apply policy and check policy compliance are available for each system platform. Problem prediction is only available for System i®.
  • Apply policy

    After a policy has been created and mappings made, the policy can be applied to the system. This changes the security settings of the system. Before the settings are changed, the current state of the changing objects is captured. The policy application can be undone and the old state restored.

  • Check policy compliance

    Check policy compliance allows you to monitor the compliance of a policy for a set of systems. This policy action accesses the target systems and compares their current state with one that is compliant with the policy. A report is generated and returned to you with clear policy violations and object-compliant summaries. These summaries are all archived by system in the event history.