Object signing processing

This topic provides information about how the process of signing objects on your system running the IBM i operating system works and what parameters you can set for the process.

When you sign objects you can specify the following options for object signing processing.

Error processing
You can specify what type of error processing the application is to use when creating signatures on more than one object. You can specify that the application either stop signing objects when an error occurs or continue signing any other objects in the process.
Duplicate object signature
You can specify how the application is to handle the signing process when the application is re-signing an object. You can specify whether to leave the original signature in place or to replace the original signature with the new signature.
Objects in subdirectories
You can specify how the application is to handle signing objects in subdirectories. You can specify that the application individually sign objects in any subdirectories or that the application only sign those objects within the main directory while ignoring all subdirectories.
Scope of object signature
When signing *CMD objects, you can specify whether to sign the entire object or to sign the core part of the object only.