Job accounting

The job accounting function gathers data so that you can determine who is using your system and what system resources they are using. It also assists you in evaluating the overall use of your system. Job accounting is optional. You must take specific steps to set up job accounting. You can request the system to gather job resource accounting data, printer file accounting data, or both. You can also assign accounting codes to user profiles or specific jobs.

Typical job accounting data details the jobs running in your system and the resources they are using such as the use of the processing unit, printer, display stations, database and communications functions.

Job accounting statistics are kept by using the journal entries made in the system accounting journal QSYS/QACGJRN. You should know how to perform journal management operations, such as saving a journal receiver, changing journal receivers, and deleting old journal receivers.

When you want to analyze the job accounting data, it must be extracted from the QACGJRN journal by use of the Display Journal (DSPJRN) command. With this command you can write the entries into a database file. You must write application programs or use a utility such as the query utility to analyze the data.