EIM domain controller

An EIM domain controller is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server that is configured to manage one or more EIM domains An EIM domain consists of all the EIM identifiers, EIM associations, and user registries that are defined in that domain. Systems (EIM clients) participate in the EIM domain by using the domain data for EIM lookup operations.

Currently, you can configure the IBM® Tivoli® Directory Server for IBM i on some IBM eServer™ platforms to act as an EIM domain controller. Any system that supports the EIM APIs can participate as a client in the domain. These client systems use EIM APIs to contact an EIM domain controller to perform. The location of the EIM client determines whether the EIM domain controller is a local or remote system. The domain controller is local if the EIM client is running on the same system as the domain controller. The domain controller is remote if the EIM client is running on a separate system from the domain controller.

Note: If you plan to configure a directory server on a remote system, the directory server must provide EIM support. EIM requires that the domain controller be hosted by a directory server that supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Version 3. Additionally, the directory server product must be configured to accept the EIM schema. The IBM Tivoli Directory Server for IBM i provides this support.