System distribution directory commands

You can use these commands to add, remove, change, rename, or display entries in the system distribution directory.

Table 1. System distribution directory commands
Command name Descriptive name Function
ADDDIRE Add Directory Entry Adds new entries to the system distribution directory. The directory contains information about a user, such as the user ID and address, system name, user profile name, mailing address, and telephone number.
CHGDIRE Change Directory Entry Changes the data for a specific entry in the system distribution directory. The system administrator has authority to update any of the data contained in a directory entry, except the user ID, address, and the user description. Users can update their own directory entries, but they are limited to updating certain fields.
DSPDIRE Display Directory Entries Display, print, or create a database file for some or all system distribution directory entries.
RMVDIRE Remove Directory Entry Removes a specific entry from the system distribution directory. When a user ID and address is removed from the directory, it is also removed from any distribution lists.
RNMDIRE Rename Directory Entry Renames a local or remote user ID and address to a new user ID and address. This will rename all occurrences of the specified user ID and address in all IBM-supplied files.
WRKDIRE Work with Directory Provides a set of displays that allow a user to view, add, change, and remove entries in the system distribution directory.