Authority security tools commands

You can use these commands to perform various printing tasks that are related to security settings.

Table 1. Authority security tools commands
Command name Descriptive name Function
PRTJOBDAUT Print Job Description Authority Print a list of job descriptions whose public authority is not *EXCLUDE. You can use this command to print information about job descriptions that specify a user profile that every user on the system can access.
PRTPUBAUT Print Publicly Authorized Objects Print a list of objects of the specified type whose public authority is not *EXCLUDE.
PRTPVTAUT Print Private Authorities Print a list of private authorities for objects of the specified type.
PRTQAUT Print Queue Authority Print the security settings for output queues and job queues on your system. These settings control who can view and change entries in the output queue or job queue.
PRTSBSDAUT Print Subsystem Description Authority Print a list of subsystem descriptions in a library that contains a default user in a subsystem entry.
PRTTRGPGM Print Trigger Programs Print a list of trigger programs that are associated with database files on your system.
PRTUSROBJ Print User Objects Print a list of the user objects (objects not supplied by IBM) that are in a library.