End authority collection

Authority collection can be ended for a specified user Start of changeor for all objects on the partitionEnd of change.

The End Authority Collection (ENDAUTCOL) command Start of changespecifying TYPE(*USRPRF) and the user profile name End of change stops the authority collection for the specified user. The ENDAUTCOL command must be run after all jobs that are running under the specified user have ended to ensure that all of the information for this user is collected.

Start of changeThe ENDAUTCOL TYPE(*OBJAUTCOL) command stops the authority collection for objects. The authority collection value on the objects is not changed. End of change

For Db2® objects of type *FILE, collecting authority information occurs during file open, subsequent file I/O, and the file close. A full close of the *FILE must be done for complete authority information to be collected for the object.

Authority collection can be started by using the STRAUTCOL command and ended by using the ENDAUTCOL command. Authority collection can be restarted after it has ended by using the STRAUTCOL command. This provides the capability to collect more authority data when the authority collection is restarted.

Ending authority collection does not delete the authority collection repository. The data remains in the repository until Start of changeit is removed orEnd of change the repository is deleted.