Specifying message queues

You can either specify a cluster message queue or a failover message queue. These message queues help you determine causes of failures in your PowerHA® environment.

A cluster message queue is used for cluster-level messages and provides one message, which controls all cluster resource groups (CRGs) failing over to a specific node. A failover message queue is used for CRG-level messages and provides one message for each CRG that is failing over.

Specifying a cluster message queue

Note: You can also configure a cluster to use a cluster message queue by specifying the message queue while running the Create Cluster wizard.

To specify a cluster message queue using the PowerHA graphical interface, follow these steps:

  1. In a Web browser, enter http://mysystem:2001, where mysystem is the host name of the system.
  2. Log on to the system with your user profile and password.
  3. Click PowerHA from the IBM® Navigator for i window.
  4. On the PowerHA page, select Properties ... from the Select Action menu.
  5. Click Edit in the Advanced section of the Properties page.
  6. Specify the cluster message queue information in the Cluster Message Queue field and click Save.