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CHGRDBDIRE command authority requirements change

On IBM® i 7.4, with Db2 for i PTF group SF99704 level 17 and IBM i 7.3, with Db2 for i PTF group SF99703 level 28, the authority requirements for the Change RDB Directory Entry (CHGRDBDIRE) and Remove RDB Directory Entry (RMVRDBDIRE) commands have changed to be consistent with the Change DDM TCP/IP Attributes (CHGDDMTCPA) command.

Special authorities *SECADM, *ALLOBJ, and *IOSYSCFG are required to use this command when changing or removing the *LOCAL RDB entry.

*IOSYSCFG is the only required special authority needed to use these commands when changing or removing an RDB entry associated with an IASP.

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