CHGCTLASC and CRTCTLASC command changes

The Create Ctl Desc (Async) (CRTCTLASC) and Change Ctl Desc (Async) (CHGCTLASC) commands have changed.

The Link type (LINKTYPE) parameter special value *X25 is no longer supported .

These protocol parameters have been removed :
  • Answer number (ANSNBR)
  • X.25 logical channel ID (LGLCHLID)
  • Remote verify (RMTVFY)
  • PAD Emulation (PADEML)
  • X.25 switched line selection (SWTLINSLCT)
  • X.25 default packet size (DFTPKTSIZE)
  • X.25 default window size (DFTWDWSIZE)
  • X.25 user group identifier (USRGRPID)
  • X.25 reverse charging (RVSCRG)
  • User facilities (USRFCL)

Any existing CL programs that use these commands might need to be modified.

Existing Async Controller Descriptions configured for X.25 should be removed using the Delete Controller Description (DLTCTLD) CL command.