Renewing a certificate from the local CA

If you use the local CA to sign the renewed certificate, DCM uses the information that you provide to create a new certificate in the current certificate store and retains the previous certificate.

To renew a certificate with a local CA follow these steps:
  1. In the navigation frame, click Select a Certificate Store, then select the certificate store that holds the certificate you want to renew.
  2. In the navigation frame, select Manage Certificates.
  3. In the navigation frame, select Renew certificate.
  4. Select the certificate that you want to renew and click Renew.
  5. Select local Certificate Authority (CA) and click Continue.
  6. Complete the certificate identification form. You must change the New certificate label field, but any other fields can remain the same.
  7. Select any applications that you want the renewed certificate to use and click Continue to finish renewing the certificate.
    Note: You do not have to select an application to use the certificate.