BRMS incremental online Lotus server backup

Setting up your Lotus servers for incremental online backup

When setting up your Domino® for IBM® i platforms for incremental online backup support, you must enable archived transactional logging for each Lotus® Notes® server. You must also identify BRMS as an additional server by issuing either:
Please refer to your Domino and Administrator's Guides for details about how to enable archived transactional logging.
  1. Failure to enable archived transactional logging on a database will result in that database being missed from the incremental online backup.
  2. Circular transactional logging is not supported for incremental online backup or incremental restore. Therefore, under the Transactional Logging tab, Logging style needs to be changed from "Circular" to "Archived". If this is not done, backups using BRMS will be canceled with error LNT0950 and return code 12.

Setting up BRMS for incremental online backup

You must take the following actions to set up BRMS for Lotus server incremental online backup support:
  • Verify the Lotus servers and the associated databases are enabled for archived transactional logging.
  • Complete a normal full online backup of your Lotus servers.
    Note: You must run a backup of type *FULL of all Lotus servers that are to be backed up before using the incremental online backup support.
  • Use the WRKCTLGBRM command to view the list of backup control groups.
  • Use Option 2 (Edit entries) on each control group you use to perform online backups of your Lotus servers that have been enabled for archived transactional logging.
  • Set the Weekly Activity for the *EXIT entries which contain SAVDOMBRM to "I" for each day of the week on which you want incremental online backup to be run.

    BRMS recommends that you leave one day of the week set to "F" so that a full online backup is performed at least once a week.

    Note: Starting with Lotus Domino release 8.5.2, Lotus Domino databases (nsf files) can be separated from the directory attach object services (DAOS) objects (nlo files) to reduce storage utilization by a Lotus Domino server. When an on-line backup of a Lotus Domino server is done using a control group entry, the weekly activity for the control group entry indicates how nsf and nlo files are backed up.
    Traditional weekly activity values are supported for Lotus Domino objects:
    • "F" - full backup of nsf and nlo objects
    • "I" - incremental backup of nsf and nlo objects
    Two additional weekly activity values are also supported for Domino backups:
    • "N" - full backup of nsf objects and incremental backup of nlo objects
    • "D" - incremental backup of nsf objects and full backup of nlo objects


  1. Some Lotus server databases are not valid for transaction logging. This can happen if the database is defined as an older database structure or the database has been explicitly removed from the list of databases being logged. If a database is not being logged, then an incremental backup will not be able to save the changes for this database and a point-in-time recovery will not be valid. To determine if you have any databases which are not transaction logged, do the following:
    • Enter the WRKDOMSVR command.
    • Use Option 8=Work console next to a Domino server name where the status of the server is *STARTED.
    • Enter the command sh directory on the command line.
    • Page up to the top of the page and locate the Logged column.
    • Any database where the value in this column is not set to YES cannot be backed up using the incremental online backup support.
    Note: When changes do occur to these non-logged databases, and an incremental backup is requested, a full online backup will be performed on the changed, non-logged databases.
  2. The value of the Incremental type prompt on the attributes of backup control groups used for incremental online backup support is ignored. A value of *CUML or *INCR produces the same results.
  3. If a backup control group is set up to run an incremental online backup and BRMS detects that no prior full backup exists, BRMS will perform an full online backup instead of an incremental online backup.
  4. You must use the same type of media for the incremental online backup that you use for the full online backup. If the full online backup goes to tape media, the incremental online backup cannot go to a save file or save files. BRMS recommends you use the same media policy for the Media policy for full backups and Media Policy for incremental backups attributes of the backup control groups used for incremental online backups to assure the same media types and retentions.
  5. You are limited to 97 incremental online backups of a Lotus server. Before you perform an incremental backup, you must perform a full online backup. BRMS recommends that you perform a full online backup of your Lotus servers at least once a week.