IBM® i high availability addresses the three areas of customization, control, and automation with the goal of operational simplicity.

Every customer has a unique environment with unique requirements. The IBM i high availability architecture provides the framework from which each customer may design a solution based on their own application environment to meet their needs.
The IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i architecture provides for simple control over your high availability environment. With some level of customization, complete application environment activation, shut down, switchover, and failover is controlled through a simple to use clustering interface. The system operator now becomes the cluster operator.
High availability of the customer's production environment requires careful, coordinated operation of all aspects of the application in order to maintain resiliency and to quickly move from one server to another when a primary server goes down. The automation of the environment ensures that the pause in production is as short as possible. A major benefit of the automation capabilities in IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i is the reduction of user error during failure scenarios. Reduced potential for user error improves the decision making process in case of a failure.