Setting TCP/IP configuration attributes

To enable cluster resource services, certain attribute settings are required in the TCP/IP configuration of your network.

You must set these attributes before you can add any node to a cluster:

  • Set IP datagram forwarding to *YES by using the CHGTCPA (Change TCP/IP Attributes) command if you plan to use a System i® product as the router to communicate with other networks and you have no other routing protocols running on that server.
  • Set the INETD server to START. See Starting the INETD server for information about starting the INETD server.
  • Set User Datagram Protocol (UDP) CHECKSUM to *YES using the CHGTCPA (Change TCP/IP Attributes) command.
  • Set MCAST forwarding to *YES if you are using bridges to connect your token ring networks.
  • If you are using OptiConnect for IBM® i to communicate between cluster nodes, start the QSOC subsystem by specifying STRSBS(QSOC/QSOC).