Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery addresses the set of resources, plans, services and procedures to recover and resume mission critical applications at a remote site in the event of a disaster.

As a business grows, recovery from a disaster by tapes at a remote site may not be feasible within the required time defined by the business. Every location, although different has some type of disaster to worry about. Fire, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes can have far reaching geographical impacts. This drives remote disaster sites to be further and further apart. In some cases industry regulations can also determine the minimum distance between sites.

Some important questions about designing for disasters are:
  • What is the monetary impact to the business in case of a disaster?
  • How soon can the business be back in production?
  • At what point in time can I recover to?
  • How much communication bandwidth can I afford?
  • What disaster recovery solution is viable based on my distance requirements?

IBM® i high availability solutions can be designed around the answers to these questions. This can be anything from making a single site more robust, contracting for use of a machine to restore tapes and run the business, or having a hot, up to date, backup at a remote site which is ready to take over production.