Granting access to traces

Trace commands, such as TRCCNN (Trace Connection) are powerful commands that should not be granted to all users who need access to other service and debug tools.

Complete the following steps to limit who can access these trace commands without having *SERVICE authority:

  1. In IBM® Navigator for i, expand IBM i Management > Users and Groups.
  2. Click Users to view a list of user profiles.
  3. Right-click the user profile to be altered and select Application Administration.
  4. In the Users and Groups Properties page, in the Applications tab, select Host Applications from the pull-down menu and click Go.
  5. Expand IBM i > Service.
  6. Select Service Trace.
  7. Use the check box to grant or revoke access to trace commands. (To remove the setting for this user use the popup menu next to Service Trace.)
  8. Click OK.

Alternatively, the Change Function Usage (CHGFCNUSG) command can be used to grant users access to the trace commands. Enter CHGFCNUSG FCNID(QIBM_SERVICE_TRACE) USER(user-profile) USAGE(*ALLOWED).