Configuring applications to use TLS

When you receive your signed certificate back from the public Certificate Authority (CA), you can continue the process of enabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) communications for your public application. You must configure your application to use TLS before working with your signed certificate. Some applications, such as the IBM® HTTP Server for i generate a unique application ID and register the ID with Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) when you configure the application to use TLS. You must know the application ID before you can use DCM to assign your signed certificate to it and complete the TLS configuration process.

How you configure your application to use TLS varies based on the application. This scenario does not assume a specific source for the rate calculating application that it describes because there are a number of ways that MyCo, Inc. might provide this application to its agents.

To configure your application to use TLS, follow the instructions that your application documentation provides. When you complete the TLS configuration for your application, you can configure the signed public certificate for the application so that it can initiate TLS sessions.